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Iconpunk Gypsy Steampunk Jewellery

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One of a Kind pieces of Iconpunk Gypsy & Steampunk jewellery. Original conceptual mini sculptures for you to wear-constructed using various antique and vintage parts to produce a meaningful piece of wearable art of the steampunk genre. Soldered and fixed the components are set into a characterful edgy style. Each piece is a O*O*A*K one of a kind piece.

Rainey J

I am a Dalek
€80.00Out of Stock
I have NO idea what time it is!
€45.00Out of Stock
The Marvellous Mechanical Flying Pig
€140.00Out of Stock
The Flying Teapot
€60.00Out of Stock
Time Warrior Guardian
€80.00 €70.00Out of Stock
The Copyright Navigator
€100.00Out of Stock
€80.00Out of Stock
The Intuitive Guardian
€95.00Out of Stock
Zeppelin Past
€130.00Out of Stock
Apis Mellifera Specimen  688
€45.00Out of Stock
Sweet Little Navigator
€65.00Out of Stock
Desired Effect Lucky 7
€60.00Out of Stock
Hummingtime Bird
€85.00Out of Stock
'Twas Brillig' Alice's Teatime
€60.00Out of Stock
Diabolo Mad Beetle Specimen 218
€65.00Out of Stock
Clockwork Monkey Rouge
Out of Stock

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