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Steampunk Hot air balloon The Sophie Blanchard

Currently being exhibited in Galleri Babette ,Denmark.http://www.galleribabette.dk/home 
This is a complex piece of steampunk assemblage art. The vintage bulb itself is under 5" height so that will give you an idea of the miniature within. Constructed using an intricately cut vintage filigree watch plate that even has an engraved Green Man to its base....this poses as the balloon and to its reverse is an old typewriter key. The 'basket' is constructed from metal and if you look closely you will see a tincy wincy taxidermied insect leg which is the navigational rod in this fantastical little sculpture.It is suspended within a strong glass vintage bulb (which was picked up in Amsterdam last year.Other pocketwatch inners and cogs and wire and a gogglefull of patience!
The story of Sophie Blanchard , a diminutive,shy Parisian balloonist who was shy on the ground being awkward among people but an outright exhibitionist in the skies. She would sit in a tiny crescent basket not 18" long and perform great fire shows from her balloon high in the sky. Unfortunately for Sophie she inadvertently set her balloon alight and sadly fell to her death atop the Parisian rooftops.
O*O*A*K- One of a Kind totally unique
This baroque little piece will be packed like a grape in a picnic basket!

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