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The Sultan of Paracosm

PARACOSM  2015 Original Art by Rainey J Dillon *SOLD* 3 of 5.  Each of  5 are the same character , similar but having subtle variations to ensure originality.

 'The Sultan'
2 Vintage paper scraps 1. The Sultan 'sign/lantern' 2 His right eye
on canvas 40" x 32"
The Sultan painting was firstly painted(oils & acrylics) achieving a realistic representation of light, a twinkle i the eye and a relaxed hands pose. Then two pieces of paper placed, one to his right eye only and the other to the 'lantern'. As it reads on the vintage paper The Sultan A dashing ,spirited Dude! Charisma is oooooozing here wouldn't you agree?
Paracosm is an alternate world filled with unusual and captivating characters, mostly rabbits! The Sultan of paracosm is one of those characters. 
Signed Prints 2 ft x 3 ft approx available (2 weeks from order)  
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